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Censorship in Online Streaming Apps - Is it good or bad ?

Time is changing day by day, everything is going online. At-least today's time is not the same time that it was few months back when there was a brighter sun (b.c - before covid-19).

Now as things are not the same as before, entertainment was the main concern for all because theaters and cinema halls were closed. That's why people started to look at different places, there OTT (Over the top) industry grew. 

Many new apps were launched and still being launched as well. And now people have many options for their entertainment, but subscribing to multiple applications is another story (that we will talk about, another day).

But, main concern now is censorship in these OTT application's contents. You know, you probably heard some news that there are talks to do and make some sort of censorship board for the the digital video contents in India. So we will talk about that here, is it good or bad?

 CENSORSHIP - Is it Good or Bad? 

Censorship in Online Streaming Apps

Well, India (maybe Govt.) has been a very big fan of the censorship in different ways. Like (you know) banning the porn websites, cinema censorship and all other things (not going to be political here). Some people would agree and some would disagree with all these decisions. 

But, when it comes to the censorship in the online streaming video platform contents it doesn't only include Government. It includes app/platform companies and their board decisions as well. Whether they want to trim down the scenes or blur them (talking about nudity).

But, they also need to think about their subscribers - how they will react. Imagine you are watching a movie on your tv and suddenly you hear some beep sounds on some scenes and some of the scenes were blurred or cut down from the movie. How would you feel?

So the big question is - IS IT GOOD or, BAD? Some people were concerned about their children. Some were telling that it teaches the wrong things to the society. 

I would say, it's all about entertainment. Watching a good show or film makes the stress go away. We also learn many things from a good show and film. Censorship brings headache to the creativity, independence and a good film-making. 

Cinema should not be bound by limits, there should be limitless. I would say, we should encourage more Indian filmmakers to make beautiful and great content - this is where our industry would grow.

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So in the end, I would say that there could be some types of common guidelines but censorship shouldn't be there. People should have choices what to watch.
Okay, that was my view about the censorship in india, you can share your views on the comments below and let's have a discussion.