Chandrima Banerjee's Latest Interview | A New Hot Star in the Industry

Hello people, how many webseries you have watched of her? Tell me honestly that have you ever wanted to know how she is as a person? If you are a fan of her, you must have wondered about that. No worries, recently we did a small interview about your favorite star that we are sharing with you now. Recently she was shooting for a web series for Fliz Movies app and she was not feeling good and was taking some time rest. That time we had the opportunity for taking this interview (Chandrima Banerjee’s Latest Interview), you know about stars busy timings.

chandrima banerjee
Credit: flizmov on Instagram

Anyways we asked her many questions and some details about her, that we will post under about celebrities section. We asked about how hard is to work for the adult ott apps, does people recognize your hard-work, how do you feel and many more questions.

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So without wasting any time lets see what did the actor answer to our questions.

Interview Questions

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  • What is your full name?

    I am Chandrima Banerjee.

  • Where are you from?

    Mmm, I’m basically from Kolkata. But, I do work on many locations all over the country so for me whole India is my home (actor laughs).

  • Your educational details, are you studying now?

    I always tried to learn whether from life experiences or from education (smiles). I did M.A. in philosophy and doing M.Phil in competitive religion now.

  • When did you think that you wanted to be an actor? What was your first acting project?

    After passing +10 , I did some acting as a child artist in tollywood industry (bengali cinema).

  • Now after doing some of the projects, what was your favorite project that you have worked on?

    A film named “Amar Prem” (also named as “Gurudakshina”), which was a remake version of “Prem Rog” movie.

  • (Adding to the previous question)
    How was your experience shooting for that project? How was the team?

    I am glad that I was a part of that movie. In a word, shooting experience was mind blowing. The movie’s director Tan (Tanveer) and other team people were great. It was produced by Fliz Movies.

  • In this erotic industry, many actors sometimes feel scared, loose hope. How do you feel about this industry?

    It depends on a person’s mindset and thinking towards the work he/she do. Like in US, most actors (even big, old stars) do nudity in films or tv shows. No-one asks them any questions, because people are mature there. They don’t think like that, we have to think like this. And actors do need to feel proud about their work.

    I feel proud that I am a part of this erotic industry And I don’t think , there is a little bit chance of any scare.

  • What are your upcoming projects? What types of roles you like do more?

    “Taboo” is knocking at the door. It is a Hindi movie, after that many Hindi projects are in my hand. I like to act any challenging characters in future.

  • Which movie or series you recently have watched?

    It was Rangmanch from Fliz Movies app.

  • What are the personalities you want in a boy or girl they want to approach you?

    He or she should be a good human being, and give respect to me.

  • And lastly, what do you want to say to your fans?

    I always love you . Please support for my upcoming projects and give me blessings always. 😋

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