Adult Content To Watch In India | Top APPs and Their Pricing Details

Adult content is not only about porn, it can be about movies, tv shows, artistic erotica or, some nude scenes in some movies/shows. Here we will discuss about all types of adult contents (not porn) that you can watch if you’re currently in India or, if the app allows to watch irrespective of where you are.

So grab your popcorn, we are starting the showww..

In India there are many ott apps at present like Netflix, APV (Amazon Prime Video) etc. Censorship for these apps are not being done in India for now. But, some apps like Amazon Prime Video are doing self-censoring their content for Indian people, but in other countries their contents are not censored. And honestly no-one likes to watch some blurred scenes (nudes) in a movie/show.

But, one hidden secret is that not all content in Amazon are censored. I don’t know what they are doing, but I will share some of these types of shows/movies you can watch on Prime Video with no censored content in coming posts (for that, stay tuned with us). Enough of Amazon, now we’ll dip into the sea of these adult content providing apps.

There are apps who have all types of contents like Netflix and also there are some apps those who provide only erotica genre films/series (with nudity, of course). We will categorically see which apps provide which type of content. So let’s begin..

Adult Content To Watch In India

APPs Providing All Types Of Content

App NameFree OptionPricingNudity Level
NetflixNoStarting from Rs.199/MBoth
Amazon Prime VideoNoStarting from Rs.129/MBoth
Disney+ HotstarYes (Not all content)Starting from Rs.399/YBoth
Zee5NoStarting from Rs.99/MBoth
Alt BalajiNoStarting from Rs.100/3MSemi
Mx Player (Indian Version)Yes (with ads)Not sureSemi
UlluNoStarting from Rs.99/3MSemi
“M” – Month, “Y” – Year, “Both” – (Full + Semi)

APPs Providing Adult Content (Erotica)

With good story, direction, screenplay and acting like a normal movie/show. So don’t think their content as porn or with some grade (b or c grade). Support their effort and try to change the thinking of yourself and others about this industry.

App NamePricingNudity Level
Fliz MoviesStarting from Rs.300/MFull
Feneo MoviesStarting from Rs.249/MFull
Hotshots DigitalPay by Coin (Not fixed) *Both
ElectEcityStarting from Rs.50/MSemi
GupChupStarting from Rs.200/MBoth
The Cinema DostiStarting from Rs.49/MBoth
KookuStarting from Rs.63/MSemi
8FlixStarting from Rs.400/MBoth
Prime FlixStarting from Rs.299/YSemi
“M” – Month, “Y” – Year, “Both” – (Full + Semi), * Coin – Buy Coins with money

I know that many new apps are launching in coming times, so do check this post regularly to find the updated info’s. And remember that these apps the lists above are mentioned randomly.